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Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) - Volunteer Application

The first step to becoming a volunteer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is to fill out your application form (see link below).  Complete the on-line form and "submit" it.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for TDCJ to process your approval.  If you do not hear from TDCJ in two weeks regarding your approval, you may call the following number to ascertain its status:

Chaplaincy Dept - TDCJ

     (936) 437-4965or (936) 437-4965



Mandatory TDCJ Security Training for In-prison Volunteers 


The second step, if you want to volunteer in-prison and have never received this REQUIRED half-day training course given by the Chaplaincy Department, is to contact the Chaplain's office at the location you wish to attend, no later than two weeks ahead of the dateand get your name on the list. This TDCJ training is required every two years, but the second and subsequent training refresher course requirements can be obtained "on-line" (see below).  



Dominguez State Jail

6535 Cagnon Rd.

San Antonio, TX  78252

(210) 675-6620

None Scheduled



Torres Unit

124 Private Rd. 4303

Hondo, TX  78861

(830) 426-5325

None Scheduled


For general TDCJ Training information, contact Volunteer Services at

(936) 437-4961

Mandatory Refresher TDCJ Security Training (On-line)

for In-Prison Volunteers

NOTE:  This training is for approved TDCJ Volunteers who need to complete the required two year refresher Security Training course. New volunteers are required to participate in person at an on-site training session (see above).

This training reviews the rules you need to follow in order to be a successful TDCJ volunteer.

All volunteers will be required to sign an agreement stating that you understand these rules and the risks associated with volunteer work at TDCJ.

Here is the link for your two-year "Refresher" training:

There are 10 modules to complete and a Post-training test on which you must score 100%. After completing the online refresher training, the next two-year refresher must be taken at a TDCJ facility.


 TDCJ Chaplaincy Mentor Training

All Prison Ministry Volunteers who wish to "mentor" inmates must complete the TDCJ Chaplaincy Mentor Training, on-line. 

You must first have completed the TDCJ Volunteer Application and been approved as a TDCJ volunteer (see above). 

   This short TDCJ Chaplaincy Mentor Training Course can be taken on-line. Click on the following link:



Prison Fellowship Ministries Volunteer Training


This training is highly recommended for anyone who is planning to become a TDCJ in-prison and/or mentor volunteer.  It is mandatory for any volunteer working in a Prison Fellowship Ministries in-prison and/or mentor program.

Prison Fellowship has designed an online Information Session to introduce you to the volunteer opportunities for Prison Fellowship.  

This session is the first step and a required element for volunteer certification.

Everyone who works at Prison Fellowship or serves in a volunteer or donor capacity has felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to get involved in some way.  We want to make it as simple as possible for you to make an informed decision about how to do just that.

The Prison Fellowship Info Session is a short online session (about an hour) which is designed to introduce you to Prison Fellowship. It's a brief way for us to explain to you, the potential volunteer:

who we are,

what we believe,

what we perceive to be a major problem facing America today,

and how we plan to address that problem.

But most importantly, we would like to share with you how you can become actively engaged in service to God, which will help these men and women "behind the walls" transform their lives. Our Info Session is a way for you to learn more about who we are and the opportunities we have, so that you can take that next step in service to God.

To enroll in the Prison Fellowship Online Info Session

·         please go to the following URL:

·         Click on the State of Texas

·         Click on the activity you wish to be involved in for "South Texas"

·         Fill out the info in the "sign up" section

·         Scroll down and click Submit.


Once you have selected a ministry opportunity that interests you we will send you a "Welcome" email with the link and instructions for our online Information Session. (This session is the first step and a required element for volunteer certification)

In order to become a Prison Fellowship volunteer we have developed a volunteer certification process.  Our certification process has four distinctive components.

1.  Online Information Session;

2.  Submission of the following documents:


_Signed statement of Faith

_Pastor recommendation

_Personal Reference

3.  Online training for the specific ministry opportunity that you are interested. This may include up to 3-4 courses depending on the level of training required for your volunteer role. The time for each course ranges from 1-3 hours;

4.  A Face to Face certification session with one of our staff or volunteer leaders. 

Once you have selected a ministry opportunity and submitted your interest form, you will begin this process. The Program Support Center will be your guide through our certification process. We will provide you with quality support and guidance and willupdate you on your next steps as you finish each part of the process.

Please note: While our desire is to ensure every inmate in every prison has an opportunity to experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ, to date, we may not have expanded our reach to prisons in your area. Consequently, there may not be any ministry opportunities as a PF volunteer in your area.  We would like to encourage you to visit our website periodically at: to view new opportunities that become available. We update our website on a regular basis. Please feel free to view opportunities in your area as well as areas that are near you.

If you can not locate a ministry opportunity that you would like to participate,  please visit our website for other opportunities with Prison Fellowship using the links below:

  • Get a Shirt, Give a Shirt - Provide a dress shirt and tie to an inmate that is transitioning back into the community

  • Get your Church involved in Angel Tree - Provide Christmas gifts to the children of prisoners on behalf of their incarcerated parent.
  • Connect with us on Facebook:!/pages/Prison-Fellowship/27544763621?ref=ts

Thanks again for your valued interest  


For further assistance, contact:

Prison Fellowship

Program Support Center

 (800) 251-7411

[email protected]